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KALIBER-S|Lower Isostatic Plate for "SSS" Mould

Lower Isostatic Plate for "SSS" Mould

“KALIBER-S” is a lower isostatic plate, projected to obtain one caliber only in pressing stage for all cavities of the mould and it is used for making tiles with good face up. It has an hydraulic circuit applied to the lower floating blocks. The installation and adjusting stage is much simpler and faster, compared with the technology applied in the upper part and it is stronger, since less stressed and more flexible. It is suitable for all types of universal basement. “KALIBER-S” allows to eliminate the connection among the isostatic punches. It is the ideal solution for multiple-row moulds but very helpful also with singlecavity moulds in big sizes. In any case, this technology does not create limits and the existing upper parts of the mould can be preserved.

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