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LONG LIFE|Anti-Wear Product Line for Mould Die-Boxes

Anti-Wear Product Line for Mould Die-Boxes

Martinelli Ettore proposes a “LONG LIFE” line, in order to increase the use of the universal basements, of the moulds and of the dieboxes to more than one year.
The HQ range of wearproof liners, which exceed 2 millions cycles without changes in the profi le, thus reducing the wear and tear of the upper and lower punches, is enriched with a new model for SSS moulds (double layer mirror moulds).
The line is complete with the new H-LIFE liners, dedicated to tiles with rounded corners and irregular borders: they are entirely made out of noble materials and subsequently subject to anti-wearing treatment, allow to double the working life of all types of moulds and solve problems of stickiness of the powders to the liner.

UNIVERSAL BASEMENTHQ Long-Lasting Liners for STE Moulds

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