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EOLO|Press-Mould Cleaning Unit

Press-Mould Cleaning Unit

“EOLO” is a new system, manufactured by Emar s.r.l., to check and adjust the functionality of the blowing system assembled in any type of mould. “EOLO” works in a completely independent way from the press and it is directly linked to the compressed air circuit of the workshop. Through 6 electric valves, checked by PLC and programmable by an operator, it manages times and duration of the blowing, in order to keep the mould clean during all the work phases. “EOLO” is indispensable for double-row moulds, as it is very difficult to clean the central gap with this type of mould. In fact, it is possible to manage separate sections of the mould, by organizing start and delay of blowing points. The software allows to storage more than 20 programs, which can be recalled when necessary. The system is on press board and it is equipped with a 15 lts tank of compressed air and with 3 pressure reducers, which allow the blowing power control. “EOLO” is supplied complete with instruction, use and maintenance book.

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