Martinelli Group has its roots in the '50s of the past century with the foundation, in the heart of the fast-growing ceramic district of Sassuolo, of the company MARTINELLI ETTORE Srl.
Ettore Martinelli, fond of mechanics and founder of the company, was able to become a reliable partner for the most important Italian tile manufacturers and to start a business venture that continues until today in Italy and worldwide.



Ettore Martinelli founded the first company of the Group – MARTINELLI ETTORE Srl – for design and construction of moulds and presses for ceramics. Moulding technology for the ceramic industry is still the core business of Martinelli Group. The brand “Martinelli Ettore” has been guarantee for high-quality moulds, punches and accessories for more than 60 years.


Strengthened by success, Ettore Martinelli founded MECA Srl. Same as theparent company Martinelli Ettore, MECA specialized in design and construction of moulds for ceramic presses.


In this year it was founded IMES Srl, a company specialized in regeneration of ceramic presses and in manufacturing of small presses for special pieces (trims).


Paola Martinelli, after the untimely death of her father, was appointed Chairman and CEO of Martinelli Group. She is still filling these roles today, now supported by her daughter Giorgia.


In 1995 Martinelli Group took over RICOM, later on named EMAR and then EMAR-IMES, and INTERNATIONAL STAMPI. The leadership of the Group was strengthened and Martinelli name became a worldwide excellence.


In order to consolidate its presence in the main International markets, in this year it was completed the realization ZAO MARTINELLI ETTORE, the first production unit overseas.

The factory is located in Mosca region in Russia. It was built on a 16.000 sqm area and is now employing 20 persons working for regeneration and maintenance of moulds and punches and for customer service.


In 2015 the brand new company EMAR IMPIANTI Srl was founded, with the mission to design and supply machinery and plants for storage, transport, dosing and mixing of ceramic raw material and powders. Among the others, EMAR IMPIANTI is proposing innovative technologies for press feeding and powder dry- coloring.


The internationalization path has been strengthened through the creation of MARTINELLI ETTORE USA. A new production unit has been established in Lebanon, Tennessee in the heart of the growing USA ceramic cluster.

Officially opened on the 22nd of April, 2016, the production unit of Martinelli Ettore USA branch is developed on a 3.000 sqm covered area and is employing 15 persons.

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