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HQ-S|Long-Lasting Liners for SSS Moulds

Long-Lasting Liners for SSS Moulds

The good results obtained with “HQ” liners used with entering die-set moulds and the requests of our customers, have led us to extend the use of this technology. The “HQ” liners can be used successfully with entering die-set moulds, because their fragility is protected by the die-box. In the SSS moulds, the lower and upper liners work almost in contact and come out of the die-box edge in the upper part, therefore special profiles had to be adopted, in order to avoid the removal of the liners and suitable supports had to be added to guarantee protection in case of accidental bumps. We are now able to supply “HQS” liners for SSS moulds. These liners, combined with the characteristics of the SSS moulds, guarantee a constant quality of the product and a life which is unimaginable with traditional liners.

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